Plan, Olympia, Prytaneion

Context: Olympia
Type: Prytaneion
Summary: Almost square building; in the northwest corner of the Sanctuary of Zeus (Altis), at the northwest corner of the Temple of Hera.
Date: ca. 475 BC

32.65 m x 27.25 m (front).

Region: Elis
Period: Early Classical


Square building with entrance on the south through a Doric tetrastyle prostyle porch and vestibule. Behind the vestibule, a central chamber, which probably contained an Altar of Hestia. Open courts and rooms on the western and eastern sides. North of the central chamber, a large rectangular area with an inner colonnade and rooms off the western end.


The Eleans, officials of the games, probably resided here and the building was also used for celebrations of Olympic victories. There was a series of earlier buildings, probably of similar purposes, at this location. The foundations included a rhomboid altar foundation of unworked sandstone in the area of the later Altar of Hestia. A later pre-500 B.C. building had numerous rooms and a rectangular foundation. Following the Archaic building was the building described above in the Plan description. Further changes to this building included a kitchen addition on the north. Later Roman additions included a front colonnade not shown here.

Other Bibliography:

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