Plan, Aegina, Amphipoleion

Foundations of priests' quarters from NW, Aegina, Amphipoleion

Aerial view of sanctuary of Aphaia, Aegina, Altar of Aphaia, Amphipoleion,...

Context: Aegina, Sanctuary of Aphaia
Type: House
Summary: House (Priests' Quarters); located to the south and to the east of the propylon, at the southeast corner of the Sanctuary of Aphaia.
Date: ca. 500 BC
Region: Saronic Gulf
Period: Archaic


A unit with the peribolos wall. Two part building consisting of a northern and a southern portion. Northern portion had several irregularly shaped rooms and communicated with the sanctuary through the peribolos wall. Southern portion consisted of a hall with 4 columns and 3 rooms behind.


The sanctuary ca. 700 B.C. had an L-shaped Amphipoleion located at the southeastern corner of the sanctuary wall. The ca. 600 B.C. Amphipoleion consisted of one large room sharing its western wall with the contemporary propylon, it appears that the previous L-shaped Amphipoleion was altered but continued to be used. The Amphipoleion of ca. 550 B.C. was on the western side of the sanctuary and consisted of 2 rooms. The western room had an entrance through the peribolos wall into the sanctuary and the eastern room had an outside entrance in its eastern wall. The Amphipoleion of the final phase is described in the above Plan description and dates to ca. 500 B.C.

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