Plan, Aegina, Propylon

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Model of sanctuary showing propylon, from S

Context: Aegina, Sanctuary of Aphaia
Type: Gate
Summary: Gate; in the southeastern portion of the peribolos wall of the Sanctuary of Aphaia.
Date: ca. 500 BC
Region: Saronic Gulf
Period: Archaic


Pilasters on facade, both sides distyle in antis.


The sanctuary underwent 4 building phases. Beginning in ca. 700 B.C. there was no propylon to the sanctuary. By ca. 600 B.C., there was a propylon in the wall facing the southeast. This propylon was distyle in antis at both ends and it shared its northeast wall with the priests' quarters. After the 3rd major building phase, ca. 550 B.C., the propylon had been moved farther south, but basically retained the same plan. The propylon of ca. 500 B.C., described above in the Plan description, remains from the final building phase.

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