Exterior of north wall tower and gate, looking SE, Aigosthena

Plan, Aigosthena, North Wall Tower and Gate

Context: Aigosthena
Type: Fortification
Summary: Fortification wall with towers; a city at the northeastern end of the Gulf of Corinth.
Date: ca. 450 BC - ca. 275 BC

Whole fortification: ca. 540 m x 180 m; acropolis citadel: 190 m x 80 m; Tower A: 8.9 m square.

Region: Megarid
Period: Late Clas./Hell.


Roughly rectangular area walled from shore to acropolis and divided into 2 sections, the town with the acropolis citadel at its southeast end. The citadel has 4 towers on its east side with a postern gate between the center 2 towers. The southeast tower is known as Tower A. The citadel is separated from the town by an interior wall with towers and gate. Walls extended on the north and south from the citadel to the sea. In the north wall is a well-preserved two-storied tower and gate, illustrated here.


Probably built by Demetrios Poliorcetes.

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