Column capitals and entablature of the N peristyle, from NE, Temple of Her...

Altar E of the temple, from NW, Temple of Hera, Akragas, Agrigento

View of East Facade and steps, southeast corner, Temple of Juno, Agrigento...

Capital, Temple of Hera, Akragas, Agrigento

Crepidoma and columns at N end of E peristyle of the temple, from E, Templ...

Distant view of the Temple of Hera at Agrigento, looking NE. Akragas, Temp...

Context: Akragas
Type: Temple
Summary: Temple; on the ridge marking the southern extent of the city, east of the Temple of Concord.
Date: ca. 460 BC - ca. 440 BC

16.895 x 38.13 (stylobate); 9.45 x c. 28.00 (cella)

Region: Sicily
Period: Classical

Architectural Order:



6 x 13; peripteral; pronaos and opisthodomos each distyle in antis. No angle contraction


Constructed in the prosperous period following the Battle of Himera (480 B.C.), the Temple of Hera exhibits a Classic Doric plan. The ramp visible today on the east end of the building is a Roman addition. Traces of burning on the surviving superstructure may be the result of the Carthaginian sack of the city in 406 B.C. Its attribution to Hera is probably erroneous.

Other Bibliography:

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