Distant view of the Temple of Herakles (left-center) and the Temple of Con...

Detail of the core of S wall of the opisthodomos, from W, Temple of Herakl...

Structure within cella, looking NE, Akragas, Temple of Herakles

Detail of a capital and column of the S peristyle, from SW, Temple of Hera...

Detail of a capital and columns from W end of S peristyle of the temple, f...

Temple of Hercules, Agrigento, Akragas, Herakles

Context: Akragas
Type: Temple
Summary: Temple; on the ridge marking the southern extent of the city, just east of the Temple of Zeus Olympios.
Date: ca. 510 BC

25.34 x 67.00 (stylobate); 13.90 x 47.65 (cella)

Region: Sicily
Period: Archaic

Architectural Order:



6 x 15; peripteral; pronaos and opisthodomos each distyle in antis; stairwells on either side of the entrance to the cella leading to attic space. Angle contraction on the fronts but not on the sides of the temple.

Date Description:

Unsuccessful attempt at angle contraction on the fronts of the temple, not the sides (dated by Dinsmoor)


The earliest of the large temples at Akragas, construction on this temple was begun in the last decades of the sixth century (shortly before the nearby Temple of Zeus Olympios). The temple capitals exhibit a stiff-profiled echinus, appearing here for the first time in the west. Its attribution is uncertain, based solely on a comment by Cicero.

Other Notes:

In 1924, eight columns on the south side were re-erected.

Other Bibliography:

D.S. Robertson 1969; Dinsmoor 1975; Guido 1967