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Large Acropolis owl, frontal view

Collection: Athens, Acropolis Museum
Title: Acropolis Owl
Context: From Athens, Acropolis
Findspot: Excavated at Athens, Acropolis
Summary: Owl
Material: Marble
Sculpture Type: Free-standing statue
Category: Single sculpture
Style: Late Archaic
Original or Copy: Original
Date: ca. 500 BC - ca. 480 BC

H 0.95 m

Scale: Over life-size
Region: Attica
Period: Late Archaic

Subject Description:

Head turned slightly to right, wings folded back. The owl was associated with Athena, its image here possibly as a symbol of her city.

Condition: Nearly complete

Condition Description:

Missing beak, right and lower left leg. Mended across lower body. Surface slightly abraded.

Collection History:

Found in 1840 either north of the Parthenon or near the sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia.

Sources Used:

Brouskari 1974, 23