Collection: Athens, Fethiye Djami
Summary: The Wedding of Alkestis
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Methyse Painter
Context: Excavated at Athens, Acropolis, South Slope
Date: ca. 450 BC - ca. 440 BC
Primary Citation: ARV2, 632.1
Shape: Loutrophoros
Period: High Classical

Decoration Description: A chariot proceeds to the closed door of the house of Admetos: Alkestis, Admetos, Apollo, behind the horses, with laurel crown, kithara, and plektron; Artemis, wearing a peplos and a sphendone, holds torches; Hermes; Peitho, standing frontal, with her head turned to the right, wearing a chiton, a himation, and a taenia, holding a dinos (?) on her head.

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