Top left: Votive to the Apolline Triad showing Apollo, Leto, and Artemis; ...

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Votive to the Apolline Triad showing Apollo, Leto, and Artemis

Collection: Athens, National Archaeological Museum
Title: Votive to the Apolline Triad
Context: From Larisa
Findspot: Found at Thessaly, Larisa
Summary: Apollo, Leto, and Artemis
Object Function: Votive
Material: Marble
Sculpture Type: Stele, relief-decorated
Category: Single monument
Style: Early Hellenistic
Technique: Medium relief
Original or Copy: Original
Date: ca. 300 BC - ca. 250 BC
Dimensions: H. 0.59 m; W. 0.61 m
Scale: Miniature (pictorial field)
Region: Thessaly
Period: Early Hellenistic

Subject Description: In the center stands Leto, in a nearly frontal pose, with her weight on her right leg. She wears a himation veiled over a chiton, holds a scepter upright in her upraised left hand, and holds an offering bowl--a phiale--in her oustretched right hand. To her right stands Apollo, nearly profile to the right, in the attire of a kithara player (his kithara is articulated in low relief). His sister, Artemis, stands opposite him, shown in 3/4-view to the left. She wears a sleeveless double chiton, and a quiver slung over her shoulder. She holds her bow in her left hand, and her sacred deer stands at her right side.

Form & Style: The relief is crowned by a shallow pediment, adorned with three palmette akroteria.

Condition: Intact

Condition Description: The pediment is worn, and details of the relief surface have worn off.

Sources Used: Svoronos 1903-12, 350, pl. 60 (with previous bibliography)