Collection: Athens, National Archaeological Museum
Title: Head of Ares Ludovisi type
Context: Possibly from Athens, Acropolis
Findspot: Excavated at

Athens, Acropolis, South Slope (Stoa of Eumenes), in 1867.

Summary: Head of an athletic youthful figure
Object Function: Unknown
Material: Marble
Sculpture Type: Free-standing statue
Category: Original/copies
Style: Early Hellenistic
Technique: In-the-round
Original or Copy: Copy
Original: Ares Ludovisi type
Date: ca. 1 AD - ca. 100 AD

H. 0.32 m

Scale: Over life-size
Region: Attica
Period: Roman Imperial

Subject Description: Head of youthful, athletic male, with short, curly hair, turning toward the left shoulder.

Form & Style:

Karouzou reports an opinion that this head may have belonged to a funerary statue. The findspot--far away from grave sites--however, dictates against this hypothesis.

Condition: Head only (nearly complete)

Condition Description:

Broken off at the bottom of the neck, preserving some of the connection to the right shoulder. Heavily worn, especially on the chin, nose, and locks at top of forehead.

Technique Description:

A free copy; similar to the copy in Munich (Munich GL 272), but the lower portion of the face is more rectangular.

Sources Used:

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Other Bibliography:

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