Collection: Athens, National Archaeological Museum
Summary: A: Athena Promachos, next to a statue of Eirene and PloutosB: Nike with wrestlers
Ware: Attic Black Figure
Context: Excavated at Eretria
Date: exact 360 BC - exact 359 BC
Dimensions: H. 0.718 m; max. diam. 0.395 m
Shape: Panathenaic amphora
Beazley Number: 8011
Period: Late Classical

Date Description: Archonship of Kallimedes

Decoration Description:

A: An inscription, [*T*O]*N*A*Q[*E]*N*E*Q*E*N*A*Q*L*O*N, along a black column on a two-stepped base, with a white Ionic capital and a white plinth (only preserved on the left side), and a broader black plinth, on which stands Eirene, 3/4-view to the right, with her weight on her left leg, wearing a rayed black stephane, and a peplos belted over a long overfold, holds a black scepter in her upraised right hand, and cradles in her left arm Ploutos, a small, white boy (of which only the ghost remains), with black hair and a keras; Athena Promachos, striding profile to the left; an inscription, [*K]*A*L*L*I*M*H*D*H*S*A*R*X[*W*N], along a black column, like that on the left, but with a statue above (only the bottom of which is preserved) on which the drapery (a black peplos) is dissimilar to that of Eirene.

B: A bearded male figure, probably the referee, standing 3/4-view to the right, with his head profile to the right, wearing a white olive wreath, a black himation draped over his left shoulder, holds his right hand at waist level; two wrestlers, still standing, both with short wavy hair; a winged white female figure (almost completely faded, neck and head missing) standing frontal, with her weight on her left leg, wearing a black himation, rests her left hand on her hip.

Collection History: Excavated at Eretria, building plot 740 (E/5), near the Gymnasium (found 1969).

Sources Used: "Valavanis 1991, 38-41 no. 6, K 3, pls. 10, 24, 25; P.G. Themelis in Prakt 1979, 54-55, pls. 35-39; Eschbach 1986, 60 B 1, kat. 42, figs. 42-43, pl. 17.3-4; LIMC, 3.702-703 s.v. Eirene no. 6a-d, pl. 541 (E. Simon); Themelis 1976, 80, fig. 47a."