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Three Muses relief

Three Muses relief. Below: NM 217; above: NM 216

Collection: Athens, National Archaeological Museum
Title: Three Muses relief
Context: From Mantinea
Findspot: Found at Mantinea (in August 1887)
Summary: Three standing muses
Object Function: Cult
Sculptor: Attributed to the workshop of Praxiteles
Material: Marble
Sculpture Type: Statue base, relief-decorated
Category: Separated fragments
Style: Late Classical
Technique: Medium relief
Original or Copy: Original
Date: ca. 330 BC - ca. 320 BC
Dimensions: H. 0.97 m; W. 1.36 m
Scale: Under life-size
Region: Arcadia
Period: Late Classical
In Whole: Mantinea statue base

Subject Description: Three standing muses, amply swathed in himatia covering chitons, and with slippers on their feet. The first, standing in 3/4-view to the the right, seems to hold an opened scroll in both hands, held just above waist level. The second, in a frontal posture, but with her head turned 3/4-view to the left, holds her right hand on her hip, and her left hand (holding perhaps a scroll) in front of her left thigh. The third stands nearly frontal, slightly to the left, grasps her skirt with her left hand, and holds a kithara up high with her outstretched right hand.

Condition: Intact

Condition Description: This one (of perhaps four original relief plaques) constitutes a rectangular relief plaque that is intact on all edges, but missing the heads of the figures.

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