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Circular relief with goddess

Collection: Athens, National Archaeological Museum
Title: Circular Relief with Goddess from Melos
Context: Probably from Melos
Findspot: Found at Melos
Summary: Aphrodite or Selene
Object Function: Votive
Material: Marble
Sculpture Type: Stele, relief-decorated
Category: Single sculpture?
Style: Late Archaic
Technique: Low relief
Original or Copy: Original
Date: ca. 460 BC

H 0.32 m, W 0.36 m, Th. middle 0.075 m, Th. edge 0.015 m

Scale: Life-size
Region: Cyclades
Period: Early Classical

Subject Description: Goddess shown in profile with bound hair and earring. Drill hole by ear for decorative attachment. Perhaps Aphrodite to be restored with flower in a raised hand, or Selene, the moon goddess in a disc.

Condition: Single fragment

Condition Description:

One-third of circular relief preserved.

Collection History:

Found in Melos in 1936.

Sources Used:

Boardman 1985a, 67, fig. 45; Karouzou 1968, 34