Plan, Athens, Pre-Parthenon

Context: Athens
Type: Temple
Summary: Peripteral temple; slightly east of center of the Acropolis, under the remains of the Parthenon.
Date: ca. 488 BC - 480 BC

Foundation: 31.39 m x 76.82 m; first step: 26.16 m x 69.62 m.

Region: Attica
Period: Archaic


Doric peripteral temple, 6 x 16 columns. Double cella with long cella at east end and smaller cella at west end, with opisthodomos and pronaos, both prostyle. East cella, 2 rows of interior columns, 10 columns in each row. West cella, 4 interior columns arranged in a square in the center.


Never completed past lower column drums and cella courses. Construction interrupted by the Persian invasion of 480/79 B.C., and the Parthenon was built over its ruins.

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