Plan, Athens, Middle Stoa

Middle Stoa and W end of Acropolis (left), from NE, Athens, Agora

Aerial view of Agora, Athens, Metroon, Middle Stoa, New Bouleuterion, Thol...

Middle Stoa and Stoa of Attalos (left background), from NW, Athens, Agora

Middle Stoa and W slope of the Areopagus, from NE, Athens, Agora

Middle Stoa, Church of the Holy Apostles, and Acropolis, from N, Athens, A...

Context: Athens
Type: Stoa
Summary: Stoa; approximately in the middle of the Agora and dividing it into north and south areas.
Date: ca. 175 BC - 150 BC

146.64 m x 16.96 m (ext.); outer colonnade column diameter: 0.78 m; intercolumniation: 2 m; inner colonnade intercolumniation: ca. 6 m.

Region: Attica
Period: Hellenistic


Doric, two-aisled stoa, completely surrounded by unfluted Doric columns. The center colonnade of 23 columns, may have been Ionic, and the center columns may have been connected by screens to divide the stoa into halves. The Middle Stoa was the northern side of the area known as the South Square.

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