View from SE, Athens, Temple of Athena Nike

View of temple and bastion from Odeion below, Athens, Temple of Athena Nike

South side from below, Athens, Temple of Athena Nike

Aerial view of Acropolis, from SSE, Close; good view of Theater, Odeion, S...

Aerial view of Acropolis, from SW, Athens, Chalkotheke, Erechtheion,Temple...

Frieze on east facade, south section, Athens, Temple of Athena Nike

Context: Athens
Type: Temple
Summary: Temple, tetrastyle amphiprostyle with altar; located on a bastion to the south of the Propylaia.
Date: ca. 427 BC - 424 BC

Stylobate: 8.27 m x 5.64 m; column height: ca. 4 m.

Region: Attica
Period: Classical


Cella with 4 Ionic columns at the front and back.


The Nike (Victory) Temple stands on the remains of a Mycenaean fortification of Cyclopean masonry, originally several meters higher than the present bastion. By the 6th century B.C. a cult worshipping Athena as goddess of victory, had been established in the same location, and by ca. 490 B.C. a small poros temple and several altars had been built. The temple described above in the Plan description was begun in 427 B.C. and completed in 425/424 B.C. Ca. 410 B.C. the famous carved parapet was constructed around the temple, and the entire area is sometimes referred to as the Nike Parapet. Also on the bastion were shrines of the Graces and Artemis Epipyrgidia (on the Tower).

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