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Sandalbinder, overview

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Sandalbinder, overview

Collection: Athens, Acropolis Museum
Title: Sandalbinder from the Nike Parapet Frieze
Context: From Athens, Acropolis
Findspot: Found at Athens, Acropolis
Summary: Nike adjusting her sandal
Sculptor: Attributed to the workshop of Master E
Material: Marble
Sculpture Type: Architectural
Category: Separated fragments
Placement: Frieze
Style: High Classical
Technique: Medium relief
Original or Copy: Original
Date: ca. 420 BC - ca. 400 BC
Dimensions: H. 1.06 m
Scale: Under life-size
Region: Attica
Period: High Classical
In Whole: Nike Parapet Frieze

Subject Description: Nike adjusts her sandal. She bends from the waist in order to reach her upraised foot, while balancing on her left leg. The drapery gives credence to the barely stable pose by providing balance and a sense of depth to the figure. The thin cloth rich with many folds clings to the torso as if wet. The chiton has slipped off the dropped right shoulder, literally baring the body as the transparent drapery figuratively does. Wings frame the figure from behind.

Form & Style: ttributed by Carpenter to Master E, whose work on the parapet is among the most stylistically advanced. The drapery is so thin and clinging as to be nearly transparent. As Carpenter notes, the technique essentially involves the carving of occasional ridges over a fully modeled nude. In any case, the drapery is used with great effect to emphasize the pose. This sculptor is known for his use of catenary folds and many fine ridges widely spaced, as well as motifs such as the chiton slipping off the shoulder. The overall effect of the figure emerging from the background is very pictorial. This slab is on the south side, which may have been finished later than the north and west. possibly not until the last decade of the 5th century. It was viewed from below, a factor which was taken into consideration in the design.

Condition: Single fragment

Condition Description: Right half of slab preserving most of one figure. Head has been hacked away; left hand missing.

Material Description: Pentelic

Associated Building: Athens, Temple of Athena Nike

Sources Used: Carpenter 1929; Brouskari 1974, 158; Boardman 1985a, 149-50; Stewart 1990, 166-67