Remains of mint from N, Athens, Mint

Plan, Athens, Mint

Remains of mint from NW, Athens, Mint

The Mint in SE area of Agora, from NE, Athens

Remains of mint from NW, Athens, Mint

Remains of mint from E, Athens, Mint

Context: Athens
Type: Mint
Summary: Large, square building; in the Agora, near the South Stoa I and west of the Enneakrounos.
Date: ca. 400 BC

27 m x 29m.

Region: Attica
Period: Classical


Northern half was a courtyard. Furnaces located in a large room on the southwest corner. Two small rooms in the southeast corner were possibly used for storage.


This building is identified on the basis of excavation finds which included coins and blank coins (flans), industrial debris, and the remains of furnaces and slag basins. In the 2nd century A.D., a temple and Nymphaion were built on the ruins of the Mint, and later, ca. 1000 A.D., a Christian church was built, which is still standing.

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