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Votive relief showing Hygieia and four worshippers

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Top left: Relief of Asklepios' sons and a family of worshippers; Top ...

Collection: Athens, National Archaeological Museum
Title: Votive relief showing Hygieia and four worshippers
Context: From Athens, Acropolis (S. Slope)
Findspot: Excavated at Athens, Acropolis, Asklepieion (South Slope)
Summary: Hygieia and four worshippers
Object Function: Votive
Material: Marble
Sculpture Type: Stele, relief-decorated
Category: Separated fragments
Style: Early Hellenistic
Technique: Low relief
Original or Copy: Original
Date: ca. 300 BC - 250 BC
Dimensions: H. 0.43 m; W. 0.30 m
Scale: Miniature (pictorial field)
Region: Attica
Period: Early Hellenistic

Subject Description: Hygieia, a youthful goddess, stands in a near frontal view, slightly to the right, with her weight on her left leg, and her right foot slightly advanced. She wears a thin chiton and a himation, and holds a portion of drapery over her left shoulder. To her right is a rectangular altar topped with a triangular gable, behind which stand four worshippers (the largest at nearly 2/3 her size) who approach her from the right: two small girls, a woman, and a man. They are shown near profile to the left, and raise their right hands in adoration.

Form & Style: The relief is framed by a simple band, the right portion of which the figures slightly overlap.

Condition: Single piece

Condition Description: Single fragment preserving the right side of the relief. Some portions of the relief, such as the head and shoulders of Hygieia, are missing.

Material Description: "Pentelic" according to Svoronos

Associated Building: Athens, Asklepieion

Sources Used: Svoronos 1903-12, 276, pl. 50.3