Plan, Athens, Sanctuary of Eponymous Hero (Pandion)

Elevation of West side, portico entrance, Athens, Sanctuary of Eponymous H...

Context: Athens
Type: Peribolos Wall
Summary: Walled open air sanctuary; on the Acropolis, in the extreme southeast angle of the Acropolis wall.
Date: ca. 450 BC

ca. 17.5 m x 40 m.

Region: Attica
Period: Classical


Two areas separated by a wall. Small porch with 4 prostyle columns on the west end. West area was used as a sanctuary and east portion became a service court.


G.P. Stevens has identified this area as the Sanctuary to the Eponymous Hero of the Pandia, also known as the Pandion. The Pandia was the all-Zeus Festival. Stevens surmised this was an open air sanctuary because the walls were too thin to support a roof. The west end is dated to the time of Pericles and the east end is dated as pre-Periclean.

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