Southeast corner of an earlier altar of Zeus E of the stoa (beneath stacke...

Northwest corner of an earlier altar of Zeus E of the stoa (beneath stacke...

Rear of the stoa, from E, Athens, Stoa of Zeus (Eleutherios)

Plan, Athens, Stoa of Zeus (Eleutherios)

Rear rooms or annex of the stoa, dug out of the Kolonos Agoraios Hill, fro...

Remains of stoa, from NW and above, Athens, Stoa of Zeus (Eleutherios)

Context: Athens
Type: Stoa
Summary: Two-aisled stoa; in the northwest corner of the Agora.
Date: ca. 425 BC - 410 BC

43.56 m x 10.73 m; projection of wings: 5.86 m; width of wings: 10.6 m. Doric outer column diameter: 0.79 m, intercolumniation: 2.01 m (wings), 3.02 m (center); Ionic inner column diameter: 0.69 m, intercolumniation: 6.04 m.

Region: Attica
Period: Classical


Doric exterior, Ionic interior with projecting wings at both ends. Opened to the east.


Dedicated to Zeus Eleutherios (Freedom), a cult founded after the Persian War. It was unusual for a religious building to take the form of a stoa rather than a temple, and considering its central location it is likely that the building also served other civic purposes. Possibly one of the accomplishments of Mnesikles, the architect of the Propylaia.

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