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Running maenad (fragmentary), rear foot and bottom of clothing

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Maenad leaning on rock, head

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Satyr to left of maenad leaning on rock

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Satyr pursuing maenad

Collection: Johns Hopkins University Museum, Baltimore
Summary: Dionysiac scenes
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: In the manner of the Pistoxenos Painter
Date: ca. 460 BC

Max. dimension 0.24 m., D. tondo 0.143 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 865, no. 2
Shape: Kylix
Period: Early Classical

Decoration Description:

Tondo: a bearded satyr dances in left profile, his weight on his left leg, with his right leg raised. His right arm is extended. His left hand holds a panther skin behind his back; the feet of the skin are brought forward over his shoulder. There is a drinking horn in the field before his left foot. The tondo is bordered by a leftward meander between reserved bands.

Side A: a maenad dressed in a chiton with overfold and sakkos reclines to her left against a rock, with legs drawn up and a thyrsos resting against her left shoulder. She looks to her left at an approaching bearded satyr, shown in left profile with his arms outstretched. A drinking horn (rhyton) is visible in the field between the figures. Behind the maenad is another bearded satyr standing frontally with right knee bent, and his left leg extended out behind him. His right hand grasps his phallos, while his left arm is extended toward the maenad. A drinking horn rests in the field behind him. Relief contour is used, as well as dilute glaze for hair, the satyr's beard, and some drapery folds.

Side B: the left leg of a satyr running toward a maenad, of whom only the lower part draped in a chiton survives. To her left is the hand or tail of another satyr. Dilute glaze is used for the chiton. There is an ivy leaf under each handle. (Other fragments of this vase are preserved in Florence: Beazley, Campana Fragments in Florence [London, 1933] 16, #42.)


RW No. 115

Collection History:

Formerly Hartwig collection

Sources Used:

Williams 1984, 177, no. 115

Other Bibliography:

CVA, Robinson 2 (USA 6) 20, pl. XXI.1; Beazley 1933a, 16, no. 42.