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Silenos, tail and bound arms

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Midas, from the chest up

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Silenos, from the knees up

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Shoulder decoration

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Bound silenos led by hunter

Collection: Johns Hopkins University Museum, Baltimore
Summary: Side A: bound Silenos followed by hunterSide B: Midas
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Harrow Painter
Context: From Taras
Date: ca. 480 BC

H. 0.39 m., D. mouth 0.161 m., D. foot 0.11 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 73, no. 22
Shape: Neck amphora
Region: Apulia
Period: Late Archaic/Early Classical

Decoration Description:

Side A: Silenos strides forward in right profile, hands bound behind back. Following him is a bearded hunter who looks back, head in left profile. The hunter wears boots, short chiton that has a black border at neckline and hem, and petasos hanging behind neck. His right hand holds two spears; his left hand hold the ends of the thongs that wrap Silenos's wrists. To the hunter's left is hunting dog.

A relief contour line runs throughout. Relief line is also used for the drapery detail, the top of boots, thongs. Hair is outlined in reserve. Dilute glaze is used for the inner details of the body, neck and sleeve of the chiton. Added purple appears on the petasos cord and the thongs of Silenos.

Side B: bearded Midas stands three-quarters left, face in left profile. He wears a pleated chiton beneath himation and carries a staff in his upraised right hand. Some relief contours are used. Midas's hair and beard are outlined in reserve. Dilute glaze is used for inner details of the chiton.

Tongues are seen above each picture, terminating beneath the handles. There is a graffito on the shoulder.

Shape Description:

Neck amphora.


Three-letter Etruscan or possibly Oscan inscription on shoulder, perhaps denoting ownership or dedication rather than the usual commercial marking.


RW No. 113

Collection History:

Formerly Hartwig collection.

Sources Used:

Williams 1984, 172-4, no. 113

Other Bibliography:

CVA, Robinson 2 (USA 6) 25, pl. XXIX, XXX