Collection: Johns Hopkins University Museum, Baltimore
Summary: Circular patterns and long-legged birds
Ware: Boeotian Geometric
Date: ca. 750 BC - ca. 720 BC

H. 0.225 m., D. foot 0.096 m., Max. D. mouth 0.082 m.

Primary Citation: Williams 1984, no. 98
Shape: Oinochoe
Period: Geometric

Decoration Description:

Glaze orange-brown. Solid glazed neck. The principal zone of decoration is in the panel opposite the handle on the shoulder, bounded beneath by three horizontal lines. A long-legged bird stands in right profile beneath a zigzag. In front of him is a four-spoked wheel with short strokes radiating outward from its circumference and with a circle enclosing a dot between each spoke. Beneath this panel are six vertical lines, alternately wavy and straight. Each side of the body is occupied by seven concentric circles. The strap handle has a wavy line down the center and a line down each side continuing across its base above the long-legged bird in right profile. A horizontal band encircles the foot of the vase.


RW No. 98

Collection History:

Kemper Simpson Collection

Sources Used:

Williams 1984, 133, no. 98