Collection: Baltimore, Walters Art Gallery
Summary: Eutychia, Eunomia, and Paidia
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Makaria Painter
Date: ca. 420 BC - ca. 410 BC
Dimensions: H. 0.204 m; max. diam. (body) 0.114 m
Primary Citation: ARV2, 1330.8
Shape: Squat lekythos
Beazley Number: 220683
Period: High Classical

Decoration Description: Eutychia (labelled), standing 3/4-view to the right, with weight on her left leg, wearing a sleeveless, belted chiton, a rayed stephane with a spangled design (which also looks like four unintelligible characters of a word) and a bun, two bands on her right wrist, a beaded relief necklace, dotted disk earring, holds a white chain with five beads, in her lowered right hand, and a footed box with three dots (fruit?) above it, in her left hand, with her left arm bent; Eunomia (labelled), standing near profile to the right, with weight on her left leg, wearing a sleeveless chiton belted over a long kolpos, cross-bands on her chest, a rayed, maeander-patterned taenia over a bun, two relief bands on each wrist, a black band necklace, a relief bead earring, tilts her head down, looking at a white chain with three beads, held between her raised right hand and her lowered left hand, both arms bent; Paidia (labelled), standing 3/4-view to the left, with weight on her right leg, wearing a belted, sleeveless chiton, a single black band necklace, dotted disk earrings, a high pony tail tied with a string with white baubles, a ringlet hanging in front of her left ear, an two relief bands on her left wrist, holds to the left a footed box (identical to that held by Eutychia) with two dots atop (fruit), in both arms, bent at waist level; she slightly obscures a cushioned stool.

Collection History: Purchased in 1923 or 1925.

Sources Used: LIMC, 7.141 s.v. Paidia no. 3 (A. Kossatz-Deissmann); Shapiro 1993, 83, 183, 238 no. 32, figs. 36, 41; J.H. Oakley, CVA, The Walters Art Gallery 1 (1992) 35-36, pl. 38.1-3, fig. 11.2 (with previous bibliography).