Collection: Johns Hopkins University Museum, Baltimore
Summary: Tondo: Satyr reclining on back and drinking from pointed amphora
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Signed by Epiktetos
Context: Said to be from Chiusi
Date: ca. 520 BC - 510 BC

H. 0.141 m., D. rim. 0.328 m., D. foot 0.127 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 75, no. 56
Shape: Kylix
Region: Etruria
Period: Archaic

Decoration Description:

Tondo is bordered by a narrow reserved band. A wreathed satyr reclines on a couch, which is indicated by narrow reserved band (fragments imprecisely assembled give inaccurate effect of bent line). His back is supported by a pillow decorated with three black bands crossed by two close-set lines. His legs are bent and upraised, with feet pressed against the edge of the tondo. With both hands and upraised right knee he raises a pointed amphora to his lips.

Relief contour throughout except for reserved contour of beard. Dilute glaze for inner markings. Added red for tail, wreath, lettering. Incised contour of hair at crown and nape.


In tondo, beneath couch and in field above the satyr's head: *E*P*I*K*T*H*T*O*S *E*G*R*A*F*S*E*N ("Epiktetos painted it").


RW No. 103

Collection History:

Formerly Hartwig collection.

Sources Used:

Williams 1984, 141-2, no. 103

Other Bibliography:

CVA, Robinson 2 (USA 6), 11-12, pl. I.3, II.3