Entablature and column fragments stored on site, Bassae, Temple of Apollo

Detail of W crepidoma, column bases and cella wall, from W, Bassae, Temple...

Overall view of site from W (architectural elements and tent covering temp...

Plan, Bassae, Temple of Apollo

Aerial view of temple, from SE, Bassae, Temple of Apollo

Northwest corner of temple, from NW, Bassae, Temple of Apollo

Context: Bassae
Type: Temple
Summary: Peripteral temple; built on a terrace on the side of Mt. Kotilion.
Date: ca. 450 BC - 425 BC

38.24 m x 14.48 m

Region: Arcadia
Period: Classical

Architectural Order:

Doric, with three Corinthian capitals on the interior


Doric peripteral temple, 6 x 15 columns, with cella (divided into 2 sections) having a pronaos and an opisthodomos, both distyle in antis. Unusual north-south orientation, but a door opening east from the adyton at the rear of the cella. A row of 5 Ionic semi-columns on each side of the cella, attached to the cella wall by spur walls. The southernmost pair of columns had spur walls at 45 degree angles to the cella wall and had Corinthian capitals, as did the column between them.


Dedicated to Apollo Epicurius. Designed by the architect Ictinus. Among other unusual features of this temple is an interior Ionic frieze above the Ionic and Corinthian columns of the cella.

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