Overview: handle rear

Main panel: youth

Overview: handle left

Main panel: woman

Shoulder: decoration

Main panel: tomb

Collection: Berlin, Antikenmuseen
Summary: Woman and youth at a tomb.
Ware: Attic Red Figure, White Ground
Painter: Attributed to the Sabouroff Painter
Context: From Greece
Date: ca. 450 BC

H 28.9 cm., max. d. 9.7 cm., d. shoulder 9.5 cm., d. foot 6.4 cm., d. mouth 5.8 cm.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 845.168, 1672; Para, 423; Beazley Addenda 2, 296
Shape: Lekythos
Region: Greece
Period: Early Classical


The added matt colors have been mostly lost.

Decoration Description:

Woman and youth at a tomb. A wide, altar-like tomb with a meander ornamented molding at the top stands in the center of the scene. A lyre and large box stand on top of the monument. Five vessels (three lekythoi, an oinochoe, and a pyxis with a high stem foot) stand on the upper of the two steps at the front of the tomb. A youth with shoulder-length hair stands on the left holding out a wreath. He wears a mantle. A woman stands on the right facing foward, her head turned toward the tomb and her right hand extended toward it. She wears a peplos, and her hair is worn in a bun at the back.

Sources Used:

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