Grave Stele of Hedylos, general view

Grave Stele of Hedylos, detail of upper half of figure

Grave Stele of Hedylos, detail of lower half of figure

Grave Stele of Hedylos, detail of head and upper torso

Grave Stele of Hedylos, detail of right arm with bird

Grave Stele of Hedylos, detail of right half of inscription

Collection: Berlin, Antikenmuseen
Title: Grave Stele of Hedylos
Context: Probably from Attica
Findspot: Said to be found at Between Athens and at the railway station of Phaleron, east of the railway, in 1893)
Summary: Standing youth holding a small bird
Object Function: Funerary
Material: Marble
Sculpture Type: Stele, relief-decorated
Category: Single monument
Style: Late Classical
Technique: Low relief
Original or Copy: Original
Date: ca. 400 BC - ca. 390 BC
Dimensions: H. 0.97 m, W. 0.47-0.41 m, D. 0.13 m, H. of relief 0.027 m
Scale: Miniature
Region: Attica
Period: Late Classical

Subject Description: The stele of Hedylos is a small monument, just under a meter tall, carved from one block. It presents a niche framed by two Doric antae, an inscribed lintel and a large crowning element. The figure is a young man with short, curly hair bound by a fillet. He wears his himation thrown up and over his left shoulder. Standing left, in three-quarter view, he looks down, perhaps at the bird which he holds in his right hand. The proportions of the figure are a little stocky. The torso and left arm are soft and fleshy, with little indication of musculature but with rings of flesh around the neck. The folds are few, and also softly rendered, revealing little of the body beneath. The general model for this type of relief is known earlier in the islands. Blümel cites a stele from Samos (Berlin 1746)

Condition: Intact

Condition Description: Essentially complete. Some loss to bottom and left frames of stele. Minimal damage to figure and picture field itself. Surface is generally well preserved. Some traces of red paint remaining on background of picture field.

Material Description: Pentelic marble (Blümel

Inscription: On the architrave, above the picture field, in two lines: *H*D*U*L*O*S *F*I*L*O*K*L*E*O*S | *P*R*O*S*P*A*L*T*I*O*S, "Hedylos son of Philokles of Prospalta".

Inscription Bibliography: IG II2 7312

Collection History: Acquired in 1893 on the Paris art market.

Sources Used: Blümel 1966, no. 23

Other Bibliography: Clairmont 1993, 1.162-63, cat. 0.832 (ill.)