Kouros from Naxos, view from right

Kouros from Naxos, view from left

Kouros from Naxos, legs in right profile

Kouros from Naxos, torso in back view

Kouros from Naxos, torso in frontal view

Kouros from Naxos, torso in right profile

Collection: Berlin, Antikenmuseen
Title: Torso of kouros from Naxos
Findspot: Found at Naxos
Summary: Standing nude youth
Material: Marble
Sculpture Type: Free-standing statue: kouros
Style: High Archaic
Original or Copy: Original
Date: ca. 550 BC - ca. 540 BC

H 1.12 m

Scale: Under life-size
Region: Cyclades
Period: High Archaic

Condition: Single fragment

Condition Description:

Torso of kouros, broken at the neck, at the right knee, immediately below the left knee and below the left shoulder. Heavily weathered.

Material Description:

white, large-grained marble

Collection History:

Found about 1875 in the city of Naxos. Originally in the collection of Dr. Damiralis of Naxos, it was acquired for the Antikensammlung in 1903.

Sources Used:

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