Side A: youth, upper half

Side B: youth on left, upper half

Side B: three youths

Handle: right of side A

Side A: oblique from left

Side B: youth on right, upper half

Collection: Berlin, Antikenmuseen
Summary: Side A: Herakles carrying PalaimonSide B: three youths
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to the Pourtalès Painter
Date: ca. 350 BC
Primary Citation: ARV2, 1146.2, 1693
Shape: Bell krater
Beazley Number: 218149
Period: Late Classical


The vase is in excellent condition. The added white is still mostly intact. There is some slight discoloration of the surface.

Decoration Description:

Side A: Herakles carrying Palaimon. Hermes guides Herakles to the right. Hermes turns to look back at Herakles and beckons him to follow. He wears a chlamys and petasos and carries a traveler's staff. The young, unbearded Herakles, who carries Palaimon on his back, wears his lion skin. Palaimon, who is white-haired and white-bearded, carries a cornucopia. He wears a mantle which has fallen down around his waist. On the far right, a naked youth stands watching the men approach, one hand raised to his head. A panther skin is flung over his left shoulder, and he wears a jeweled fillet or diadem. A woman is seated on a rock or hillock on the far left, her head turned toward the central group. She holds a tall staff, and is dressed in chiton and jeweled headscarf. Fish, painted white, swim around the feet and legs of the figures.

Side B: three youths. Two youths face a third youth standing on the right. The youth on the right is wrapped closely in his mantle and wears a white fillet over his hair. The youth directly in front of him holds out a sponge (?). The youth behind him holds out a strigil. Both wear their mantles in the normal manner, leaving one shoulder free.

Other Bibliography:

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