Neck: decoration

Side A: head of Hermes

Side A: inscription behind satyr

Side B: satyr

Side A: Hermes's kantharos and kerykeion

Side B: satyr, upper half

Collection: Berlin, Antikenmuseen
Summary: Side A: Satyr and Hermes. Side B: Satyr.
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Name vase of the Berlin Painter
Context: From Vulci
Date: ca. 500 BC - ca. 490 BC

H. 69.0 cm.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 196.1, 1633; Para, 342; Beazley Addenda 2, 190
Shape: Amphora
Beazley Number: 201809
Region: Etruria
Period: Late Archaic


The vase is in good condition. Side A is well-preserved, but side B has suffered surface wear and discoloration.

Decoration Description:

Side A: satyr and Hermes. Hermes strides to the right swinging his arms. He holds a large kantharos and a kerykeion (herald's wand) in his forward hand, and a small oinochoe in his hand which he swings behind him. He is dressed in a short tunic and chlamys, and wears a winged cap and winged boots. A satyr stands in front of him facing right, his head turned to the left. He is holding a barbiton (lyre) in one arm, his fingers splayed across the strings. In his other hand, held out behind him, he holds the end of a string attached to the lyre. He has a long beard and wears a wreath, and his right leg is shown in three-quarters view. A fawn stands between the two figures, its head gracefully turned up. The figures are carefully superimposed on one another, forming a unified contour isolated against the black background of the vase.

Side B: satyr. A satyr stands to the right, holding a large kantharos and a lyre. The kantharos is raised to his lips, while he holds the lyre at his side, his fingers touching the stings. His long hair is tied at his neck and he wears a wreath.

Above the scene is a carefully drawn band of ivy leaves and grape bunches; below, forming a groundline but not extending all the way around the vase, is a running spiral, a rare pattern ornament in Attic Red Figure vase paintings.

Sources Used:

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Other Bibliography:

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