Side A: Paris

Tondo: birds

Tondo: old man, upper half

Side B: bearded man

Side A: Aphrodite

Side B: young man

Collection: Berlin, Antikenmuseen
Summary: Interior: warrior leaving home (youth and old man). Side A: Judgment of Paris. Side B: meeting of Paris and Helen.
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Name vase of the Painter of Berlin 2536
Context: From Nola
Date: ca. 440 BC

H. 13.5, d. 32.0 cm., tondo 21.0 cm.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 1287.1, 1689; Para, 473; Beazley Addenda 2, 358
Shape: Cup
Beazley Number: 217284
Region: Campania
Period: Classical


The vase is in very good condition. There is some loss of surface glaze around the fractures.

Decoration Description:

Interior: warrior leaving home (youth and old man). The old man stands on the left, one hand holding his head in grief as he grasps the hand of the youth. His staff leans against his side. The youth, wearing short chiton and cuirass, holds his spear in one hand, his shield over the same arm. His sword is sheathed at his side, and his helmet is pushed back on his head. The old man, white-haired and white-bearded, wears a mantle and sandals. In the exergue are two cocks facing each another.

Side A: Judgement of Paris. Hermes leads the three goddesses Aphrodite, Athena and Hera to Paris, who sits on a stool in a hall or colonnade on the far right, holding his lyre and scepter. His mantle is draped casually over one arm and across his lap, and he wears sandals. The hall is represented by a platform on which are set two Ionic columns supporting a roof. Hermes, in chlamys, winged cap and boots, stands directly in front of Paris, holding his scepter and turning his head toward the approaching goddesses. Aphrodite is first, carrying a wreath in her right hand, and Eros in her left. The naked and winged Eros holds a necklace. Aphrodite wears a chiton and himation, the himation pulled over her head. Her hair is tied up with a hair band. She turns her head to look back at Athena, who comes bearing a helmet and spear. She is wearing a chiton, himation and her aegis, her hair tied up with a crossed band. Hera brings up the rear carrying a small lion in her left hand, a scepter in her right. She wears a chiton and a diadem, and her mantle is pulled up over her head. The goddesses are richly jeweled; all wear bracelets and Aphrodite wears a necklace. All three wear sandals.

Side B: meeting of Paris and Helen. Helen sits moping in her chair, her maid primping in a mirror nearby. Meanwhile, Paris, accompanied by two companions, approaches. Helen, who is frowning, is seated on a chair on the left, her arm resting on the back of the chair, her head propped up by her hand. She is wearing a chiton and himation and some leaves in her hair. A box sits on her lap. Her maid stands next to her holding a mirror up as she straightens her hair. She wears a peplos and a wide band over her hair. Eros kneels at Helen's feet. Paris is in the middle of the group of three men. He carries two spears and turns to talk to the young man on the far right. An older bearded man with a staff stands watching. The two young men are dressed alike in chlamys and striped boots, with a petasos hanging behind their backs. The bearded man wears a mantle.

Collection History:

The vase once belonged to the von Koller collection.

Sources Used:

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