Side A: scene at center

Handle: right of side B

Handle: right of side B

Side B: scene at center

Tondo: three dolphins and a fish

Interior: view from above

Collection: Berlin, Antikenmuseen
Summary: Interior: three dolphins and a fish.
Ware: Attic Black Figure
Painter: Signed by Kleitias
Potter: Signed by Ergotimos
Context: From Gordion
Date: ca. 565 BC - ca. 560 BC

H. 10.5 cm., d. 17.7 cm.

Primary Citation: ABV, 78.13; Beazley Addenda 2, 22
Shape: Gordion cup
Region: Phrygia
Period: High Archaic


The vase is in fairly good condition. Some of the fragments have been blackened by fire, others are pitted and scraped.

Decoration Description:

Interior: three dolphins and a fish. Three dolphins and a fish swim in a circular pattern in the tondo. The dolphins swim with bellies toward the center, the fish with its belly toward the outline of the tondo.

Sides A and B: inscriptions. Palmettes frame the inscriptions on either side.


On the exterior is the inscription: *E*R*G*O*T[*I*M*O*S *M*E*P*O*I]*E*S*E*N; [*K*L*I*T]*I*A*S *M*E*G*R*A*F*S*E*N, "Ergotimos made me, Klitias painted me."

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