Overview: handle rear

Main panel: seated woman with wool-basket, from the knees up.

Main panel: seated woman with wool-basket

Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Summary: Seated woman with wool-basket
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: In the manner of the Brygos Painter
Context: From Gela
Date: ca. 480 BC - ca. 470 BC

H. 0.332 m., D. 0.112 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 384, 214
Shape: Lekythos
Beazley Number: 204114
Region: Sicily
Period: Late Archaic

Decoration Description:

A woman seated in a chair, drawing a long strip of wool out of a wicker basket. She wears an Ionic chiton, and has a mantle wrapped around her legs. Her hair is bound with a broad headband except for four locks which fall on either side of her neck. She wears a disk earring and a spiral bracelet on each wrist. The chair has a high back and had a plaited seat. On the wall behind her, a sakkos and a mirror. The mirror is decorated at the top with a small female head. In the field, inscription [epig-rough]*E *P*A*I*S *K*A*L*E ("The girl is beautiful").


[epig-rough]*E *P*A*I*S *K*A*L*E ("The girl is beautiful").


C & B No. 29

Sources Used:

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