Girl with Offering, right profile

Girl with Offering, from right

Girl with Offering, detail of legs: from left

Girl with Offering, from left

Girl with Offering, detail of legs: from back left

Girl with Offering, back view

Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Title: Girl with Offering
Context: Probably from Corinth
Findspot: Said to be found at Corinth
Summary: Statuette of a girl holding an offering tray
Object Function: Votive
Material: Bronze
Sculpture Type: Free-standing statue?
Category: Single sculpture?
Style: High Classical
Technique: Solid cast
Original or Copy: Original
Date: ca. 450 BC

H 0.13 m

Scale: Miniature
Region: Corinthia
Period: High Classical

Subject Description:

A young woman, advancing slightly (with her left foot forward), holds a tray of cakes and fruit at waist level, in both hands. She is dressed in a thick chiton, belted at the waist, and pinned at the shoulders, which was originally decorated around the neckline. Her long curly hair is arranged in locks falling down her back; it is bound in a studded stephane (or hairband) on the crown of her head. Her posture is uncertain, and she looks straight ahead, slightly down, perhaps an indication of her servile status.

Form & Style:

There is an attachment hole, in the lower rear of the girl's garment.

Langlotz suggested that this figurine was created by a school of sculptors at Kleonai; Lippold and Neugebauer rather thought she was created by a school at Argos, associated with the Argive Heraion (Lippold compared her to the head of a type found commonly at that site).

Condition: Intact

Condition Description:

Surface has green patina, with some whitish-tan incrustations and traces of gilding around the neckline.

Collection History: E.P. Warren Collection. Acquired by the MFA in 1898.

Sources Used: Comstock & Vermeule 1971, no. 55

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