Obverse: Pietas seated

Reverse: Caligula, with two attendants, sacrificing before the Temple of D...

Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Context: Rome
Material: Bronze
Denomination: Sestertius
Issuing Authority: Roman Senate
Actual Weight: 27.54 g.
Date: exact 37 AD - exact 38 AD
Dimensions: 34 mm.
Region: Latium
Period: Julio-Claudian

Obverse Type: Caligula, with two attendants (the one on the left holds the sacrificial bull while the one on the right holds a patera, as does Caligula), sacrificing at an altar before the garlanded, hexastyle, Ionic Temple of Divus Augustus. A facing quadriga is placed at the apex of the roof, between two victories holding shields above their heads, and two male figures (Aeneas and Ascanius?) and a figure holding a torch. The pediment is decorated with Mars between four small figures.

Donor: The Catharine Page Perkins Fund

Commentary: Imperial sestertius

Sources Used: BMCRE I, 153, no. 41; pl. 28.6; Perkins Collection 1902, 100; Cohen 1880-1892, 1.238.9