Side B: men and women

Tondo: upper bodies of woman and man

Tondo: woman standing before man on couch holding kylix

Side A: men and women, one seated

Side A: two men and seated woman with mirror

Tondo: woman standing before man

Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Summary: Interior: symposium, woman standing before man on couch. Exterior: men and women.
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Attributed to Makron
Potter: Attributed to Hieron
Context: From Orvieto
Date: ca. 490 BC - ca. 480 BC

H. 0.128 m., D. 0.332 m.

Primary Citation: ARV2, 469, 149.
Shape: Kylix
Beazley Number: 204831
Region: Etruria
Period: Late Archaic

Decoration Description:

Tondo: symposium scene. A man reclines on a couch, his left leg drawn up and his thigh seen frontally, with a double cushion under his left elbow and a table in front of him. He wears a himation and a wreath, and holds a wine cup in his left hand. He holds his right arm out in protest at a woman who approaches him from the left and grasps his beard with both hands. She wears a chiton and earrings, with a bunch at the neck, and a scarf around her head.

Exterior: Side A: men and women. A seated woman is surrounded by two admirers, a man and a youth, and another woman. The seated woman, facing right, holds out a flower and a mirror, and wears a chiton, a himation over her waist and legs, earrings, and has her hair bound in a sakkos. She sits on a simple stool with a cushion. The man and youth both wear himatia: the man to her right bends down slightly, holding a stick and a flower. The youth stands behind the woman, and also holds a flower and stick. Behind the youth, another woman moves up eagerly, with her right arm extended and holding a sprig. To the right of this group is a youth and a woman, the woman stepping up to the youth, putting one foot between his feet, taking him by the arm with one hand and stretching out the other towards his face. She wears a chiton and himation, and her hair is tied in a bun. The youth leans on his stick and bends forward slightly like the man in the left-hand group; he holds a flower in his hand.

Side B: more men and women. At center, a woman approaches a man. She wears a chiton, himation, and earrings. The man does not hold a flower, and the ends of his hair are twisted into a small bun. To the right of this, another pair: a woman approaches a youth, who holds a flower out to her. She wears a chiton, himation, earrings and a sakkos. In the left-hand group, a man sits on a cushioned folding stool, holding a flower, and is approached by a girl who bends her head and extends her arms to him. The girl wears only a chiton, without a himation over it, with two overfolds, earrings, and a sakkos. In the field, a flute-case with mouthpiece-box is suspended, and in the right corner, a net bag containing round objects. Under the handles, stools.


C & B No. 141

Collection History:

From the Bourguignon collection, Naples.

Sources Used:

Caskey & Beazley, 3, 39-40