Overview: handles right and left

Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Summary: Skyphos with linear and zigzag decoration.
Ware: Protocorinthian
Context: From Campania
Date: ca. 720 BC - ca. 690 BC

H. 0.089 m., D. 0.102 m.

Shape: Skyphos
Ceramic Phase: Protocorinthian
Region: Campania
Period: Archaic

Decoration Description:

The vessel is a deep bowl with thin walls, small foot, and delicate loop handles horizontally attached. The decoration is in brown to black glaze, slightly lustrous. The inside of the skyphos is black, the outside has two fine horizontal lines at the top, below that a band of fine vertical lines set on either side of a "metope" decorated with short vertical zigzags, then a lower band of fine horizontal lines. The lower two thirds of the vase is black except for one reserved line.

Material Description:

The clay is buff with a slightly greenish cast.

Collection History:

Bartlett Collection.

Sources Used:

Payne 1933, pl. 10, 4; K. Friis Johansen, Les Vases Sicyoniens (Rome, 1966): pl. XVII, 4; Fairbanks 1928, 152-3, pl. 42

Other Bibliography:

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