Boston Bronze Kouros Statuette, left profile, detail

Boston Bronze Kouros Statuette, right profile

Boston Bronze Kouros Statuette, frontal view

Boston Bronze Kouros Statuette, three-quarter left front

Boston Bronze Kouros Statuette, back view

Boston Bronze Kouros Statuette, right profile, detail

Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Title: Bronze Statuette of a Kouros
Context: Probably from Olympia
Findspot: Said to be from Olympia
Summary: Standing youth with hands held forward and left leg advanced
Object Function: Votive
Material: Bronze
Sculpture Type: Free-standing statue: kouros
Category: Single sculpture
Style: High Archaic
Technique: Solid cast
Original or Copy: Original
Date: ca. 540 BC

H 0.166 m

Scale: Miniature
Region: Elis
Period: High Archaic

Subject Description:

A nude youth stands on a rectangular base with his left foot advanced sightly. He bends both arms, and raises his forearms slightly: he probably held an attribute in each clenched fist, at least the left hand, in which an attachment hole is evident. Some attempt has been made to represent musculature on the front of the torso. The overly large head, with carefully articulated facial features, is enclosed in a thick mass of hair, comprised of individualized locks that terminate just below the shoulders (on the back). A taenia ( hairband) is indicated by a ridge that extends beyond the surface of the hair, like a diadem.

Form & Style:

Payne suggested that this figurine may have been created in a Peloponnesian bronze-working center, perhaps Corinth, and Langlotz connected this with the Kleonai workshop.

The rectangular base has two holes at opposite corners, presumably for fastening the figurine to another base, made of a different material.

Condition: Intact

Condition Description:

Figure complete except for the attributess originally held in the hands. Surface in very good condition; brownish patina, with blue and green incrustations.

Collection History: E.P. Warren Collection. Acquired by the MFA in 1903.

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