Reverse: Emperors clasping hands and holding a figure of Victory on a glob...

Obverse: Confronting busts of Salonius and Gallienus

Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Context: Uncertain
Material: Bronze
Denomination: Medallion
Issuing Authority: Gallienus
Actual Weight: 46.75 g.
Die Axis: 12
Date: exact 253 AD - exact 268 AD
Dimensions: 39.5 mm.
Region: Uncertain
Period: Third Century A.C.

Obverse Type: Within a circle stand four figures in military dress, all facing toward the center. The central two figures are emperors, clasping hands on which they support a draped, winged figure of Victoria (Victory), standing on a globe and holding a wreath. Behind each emperor stands a soldier holding a military standard.

Donor: Theodora Wilbour Fund in Memory of Zoƫ Wilbour

Commentary: Imperial bronze medallion

Sources Used: Romans and Barbarians, 88, no. C56, illus.