Obverse: Bust of Septimius Severus

Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Context: Lysinia
Material: Bronze
Denomination: Medallion
Issuing Authority: Septimius Severus
Actual Weight: 25.75 g.
Die Axis: 6
Date: exact 193 AD - exact 211 AD
Dimensions: 38.5 mm.
Region: Pisidia
Period: Severan

Obverse Type: Within a dotted circle, two snaky-legged giants support an enthroned Zeus, seated 3/4-view to the left. Zeus holds a patera in his outstretched right hand a scepter in his left. The giants each hold a rock in their outer hands.

Donor: Theodora Wilbour Fund in Memory of Zoƫ Wilbour

Commentary: Imperial bronze medallion

Sources Used: For reverse type, see Mionnet 1806-1838 Suppl. 7, Bruzus, no. 211, pl. 10, 2