Reverse: Draped Pax (Peace), with caduceus, standing on lighted torch, bef...

Obverse: Laureate bust of Octavian

Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Context: Uncertain, Eastern Mediterranean
Material: Silver
Denomination: Cistophoric medallion
Issuing Authority: Octavian
Actual Weight: 12.05 g.
Date: ca. 28 BC
Dimensions: 27 mm.
Region: Uncertain, Eastern
Period: Augustan

Obverse Type: Within a laurel wreath, the draped figure of Pax (Peace), standing in 3/4-view to the left, on a lighted torch. She holds a caduceus in her right hand and behind her is a cista mystical surmounted by a serpent.

Donor: Theodora Wilbour Fund in Memory of Zoƫ Wilbour

Commentary: Imperial silver cistophoric medallion

Sources Used: BMCRR II, 537, no. 248; pl. 117, 6