Obverse: Draped bust of Domitia

Reverse: Venus leaning on a column, in 3/4-back view, half draped, holding...

Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Context: Ephesus (?)
Material: Silver
Denomination: Tetradrachm
Issuing Authority: Domitian
Actual Weight: 10.85 g.
Die Axis: 7
Date: exact 81 AD - exact 96 AD
Dimensions: 27 mm.
Region: Asia
Period: Flavian

Obverse Type: Within a dotted circle, the figure of Venus, standing in 3/4-back view, half nude, facing right. She leans her left elbow on a column, holds a helmet in her right hand and a transverse scepter in her left.

Donor: Theodora Wilbour Fund in Memory of Zoƫ Wilbour

Commentary: Imperial tetradrachm

Sources Used: BMCRE II, 353, no. 257