Overview: handle oblique right rear

Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Summary: Oinochoe decorated with hatched triangles and concentric circles.
Ware: Boeotian Geometric
Context: Purchased in Athens
Date: ca. 745 BC - ca. 690 BC

H. 0.331 m., D. 0.211 m.

Shape: Oinochoe
Ceramic Phase: Boeotian LG
Region: Attica
Period: Geometric

Decoration Description:

The clay is a pale warm brown, orange-brown where the transparent surface slip remains. The decoration is in slightly lustrous black glaze. The body is slightly ovoid with a wide base. On the front are two small knobs (breasts). The slender neck is marked off by a ridge, and the vessel has a trefoil mouth and strap handle. The mouth is black except for a latticed space toward the front edge. On the neck there are horizontal lines and a compressed zigzag above and below an upright hatched meander. At the base of the neck is a band of small latticed triangles. At the top of the body is a band of large latticed triangles; the relief knobs are in a black area flanked by vertical lines and a latticed band. There is a hatched zigzag in the remainder of the zone, then a broad zone with connected groups of concentric circles (false spiral). Finally there is a compressed zigzag band and two broad black bands, separated by horizontal lines. The handle has a ladder pattern.

This vase is in Coldstream's Group iv; the body is more attenuated, and has a higher neck than earlier types. Boeotian Late Geometric wares were influenced by Attic LG I, in the replacement of the dark ground by a light ground, the evolution of a consistent figure style, and the fondess for equal square metopes arranges in horizontal bands.

Material Description:

The clay is a pale warm brown.

Collection History:

Perkins Collection, 1897.

Sources Used:

Coldstream 1968, 201-204; Fairbanks 1928, no. 286, pl. 24