Collection: Budapest, Szepmuveszeti
Summary: Eunomia, Eukleia, and Apollo
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: In the manner of the Meidias Painter
Date: ca. 410 BC - ca. 400 BC
Dimensions: H. 0.23 m; max. diam. (body) 0.117 m
Primary Citation: ARV2, 1324.41bis
Shape: Oinochoe
Beazley Number: 220595
Period: High Classical

Decoration Description: Eunomia (labelled), standing 3/4-view to the right, with her weight on her left leg, wearing a peplos, a short pony tail, and black hoop earrings surrounded by wisps of hair, rests her right hand on her hip, and a string of beads in her lowered left hand; nude Apollo (labelled), seated 3/4-view to the right on drapery on a rock (?), raises his right foot on a low rock, and turns his head profile to the left, wearing an olive wreath, rests his right hand on a rock, and his left elbow on his left thigh, holds a long olive branch that rests on the inside of his left leg, and on his left shoulder; Eukleia (labelled), standing near profile to the left, wearing a belted peplos, a high pony tail, and black hoop earrings, raises her right foot on a high rock, and places her left hand on her right knee, and holds in her right hand a white garland toward Apollo.

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