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Upper torso of a marble statue of Nemesis of Rhamnous (Roman copy after an...

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Marble statue of Nemesis of Rhamnous (Roman copy after an original by Agor...

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Feet of a marble statue of Nemesis of Rhamnous (Roman copy after an origin...

Collection: Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek
Title: Copy of Nemesis of Rhamnous
Findspot: Said to be from Rome
Summary: Copy of Nemesis of Rhamnous
Object Function: Unknown
Material: Marble
Sculpture Type: Free-standing statue
Category: Original/copies
Style: High Classical
Technique: In-the-round
Original or Copy: Copy
Original: Cult statue of Nemesis of Rhamnous
Dimensions: H. 1.93 m
Scale: Over life-size
Region: Latium
Period: Roman

Condition: Nearly complete

Condition Description: Missing head and both forearms (including elbows), and some chips on plinth; large solution crack beginning below right front shoulder, continuing above chest, down side, across right calf, just below knee; restored fragment at lower left (back), presumably retained to keep balance; plaster adhesions here and around bottom of back, from previous restorations; brown stains and adhesions throughout surface, especially on lower part and back; solution cracks also on mantle on left side; attachment holes for right arm include oblong cut (H. 0.18 m, W. 0.35 m, D. 025 m; additional round dowel hole within top 0.06 m of oblong, leaded), and dowel hole below (diam. 0.033 m, D. 0.07 m); attachment holes for left arm include oblong cut (H. 0.14 m, W. 0.35 m, D. 0.25 m), dowel holes below (diam. 0.031 m, D. 0.014 m); stained grayish-brown around plinth, and lower folds of drapery, especially on the left side.

Material Description: White medium-grained marble (so-called "Parian" marble)

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