Triglyph altar and site of archaic temple, Corcyra, Temple of Artemis

Triglyphs and metopes on the NW corner of the Archaic altar of the Temple ...

View toward W-SW, past Archaic altar to Temple of Artemis, Corcyra

Archaic altar E of the Temple of Artemis, from SW, Corcyra

View toward S and Temple of Artemis, mountain above Kanoni Bay in backgrou...

Detail of clamp cuttings in NW corner of the Archaic altar of the Temple o...

Context: Corcyra
Type: Temple
Summary: Pseudo-dipteral temple; in the Sanctuary of Artemis at Kardaki on the island of Corcyra (Corfu).
Date: ca. 580 BC

47.9 m x 22.4 m.

Region: Ionian Islands
Period: Archaic


Archaic Doric pseudo-dipteral temple, 8 x 17 columns, cella with pronaos and opisthodomos, both distyle in antis. Cella opening east, and divided into 3 aisles by an interior colonnade of 2 rows of 10 columns each.

Other Bibliography:

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