Left profile view of the southernmost lion statue, Delian Group of Archaic...

Collection: Delos, Archaeological Site
Title: Delian Group of Archaic Lions
Context: From Delos
Findspot: Found at Delos, Lion Terrace
Summary: Nine or more seated lions (originally)
Object Function: Ornament
Material: Marble
Sculpture Type: Multi-figure group
Category: Statuary group
Style: Archaic
Technique: In-the-round
Original or Copy: Original
Date: ca. 600 BC - ca. 575 BC
Dimensions: H. ca. 1.72 each
Scale: Slightly over life-size
Region: Cyclades
Period: Archaic

Subject Description: The lions are unusually slim, with narrow rear haunches and small heads.

Form & Style: The lions are aligned on a terrace that is oriented NNE to SSW. Each lion turns it head roughly to the east, in the direction of the lake.

Condition: Fragmentary

Condition Description: Five large fragments and several small pieces are preserved.

Material Description: Coarse-grained, white marble, probably from Naxos

Associated Building: Delos, Lion Terrace

Sources Used: Stewart 1990, fig. 111; Bruneau 1983, 172-73, fig. 45