Distant view of temple facade, Delos, Temple of Isis

Temple facade with horned marble altar in front, Delos, Temple of Isis

Restored facade of temple and cult statue inside, Delos, Temple of Isis

Plan, Delos, Temple of Isis

Context: Delos
Type: Temple
Summary: Temple; east of the Theater, on the eastern side of the northernmost end of Serapeion C.
Date: ca. 166 BC - 88 BC

ca. 5.1 m x ca. 12 m.

Region: Cyclades
Period: Hellenistic


Doric temple. Short cella opened west onto a pronaos distyle in antis. Door on the north led into the Temple to the Egyptian Gods Anubis, Serapis and Isis. In front, to the west of the temple, was the Perfume Altar.

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